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APA Headings

This page shows the heading formats for APA style documents:

If you are using four heading levels, your document would be formatted like this example. Note that all of the headings use the same font and size as the rest of your body text. You do not use bold in APA style. If you are not using four headings, view the link below.

Level One Heading

Level Two Heading

Level Three Heading

Level four heading. Text follows the period as shown in this example. Note that level one and level two headings are both centered. Except for level one, the headings are italicized. The first letter of all the major words are capitalized in the first three heading levels. Don't capitalize minor words (e.g., and, the, not, or, on, of). Level four headings are indented, end with a period and only the first word is capitalized.


Headings example - This is link goes to an excellent site if you are writing a document with less (or more) that 4 headings.


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