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Aspect Ratio Calculator

If you work with digital video, you know that when it comes to compressing your files you have to get the aspect ratio (or dimensions) of the video right. The Aspect Ratio Calculator for digital video helps you make these calculations. You can choose between 16 x 9 and 4 x 3 formats. Then all you have to do is enter one of your dimensions and it calculates the other dimension for you. You can either use the online version or free downloadable version. So pick one of the Aspect Ratio Calculators and save time compressing your digital videos!

Online Aspect Ratio Calculator

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Downloadable Aspect Ratio Calculator

Aspect Ratio Calculator
(Free download for Mac/Win)

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Tthe aspect ratio calculator for digital video is a Java™ app, it will run on a Mac as soon as you download it. For Windows™ you may need to download the Java Runtime Environment from Sun Microsystems first.


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